Embrace tradition, build the future

The role of drawing in the design process is changing, and maybe not for the better. Combine stressful deadlines with the efficiency of a computer and many designers go straight to software as their primary drawing tool. Some have stopped sketching on paper entirely, and some have lost the skill to freehand draw altogether. It’s time that designers and artists break their obedience to the computer and return to tradition. When designers put pen to paper something magical happens— they think, they stop worrying about how to do this-and-that effect, and they give their ideas substance.

The illustrations

The illustrations here all have one thing in common— they use freehand drawing somewhere in their creation. Even when digitized, the illustrations all started on paper. Subject matter is wide open, although as the name suggests, retro and hand-drawn illustrations are the focus, but not a limitation on the work presented here. Over time the illustrations will grow to include a wider spectrum or styles, techniques and subjects. Many works include free downloads in the form of wallpapers, vectors and resources. If a download is provided, a link to the work’s license is also provided, so make sure to read it.

The blog

The blog includes articles, tutorials and interviews focusing on freehand drawing in the design process. The goal of the blog is to teach and encourage designers to incorporate freehand drawing and sketching into their work. As well as advocating freehand drawing, techniques for digitizing hand drawn concepts will be explored.

The author

My name is Morgan Finley and I am a recent graduate of graphic design from the University of Tulsa. My passions include web design and illustration. In my spare time I’m usually sketching, reading or listening to music. I love retro and hand-drawn illustrations, and I’m always on the lookout for new artists and designers. I have a portfolio, although I’m in the process of updating it, so check back for updates. You can also follow me on twitter @mfinleydesigns.