Free floating data

Cloud computing is on the rise, but what does that mean anyway? More and more, people are storing their data and information on the internet (the cloud). This can include all kinds of services, from email to shared office documents. Data that’s accessible from anywhere is a great convenience, but is it vulnerable, and if so, to who? Google is at the forefront of cloud based services with GMail and Google Docs, but can we trust them. Will they protect our data from hackers, or are they the biggest threat themselves? The convenience of the cloud calls for us to trust the corporations hosting our data.

The Sketches

I sketched all of the pieces of this illustration separately and then digitized. I decided I did not like the top part of the cloud sketch, so I erased it in the computer. Later, I added the color layers with my wacom tablet and then arranged the final composition.

What’s in the download

In this download you get a desktop wallpaper (two sizes) and the final vector file.

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