A future built on collaboration

Help this site to grow! Do you have an illustration or article idea? Maybe you have a special technique or design resources you would like to share? Your feedback and ideas are always welcome and greatly appreciated. I’m always on the lookout for design and illustration that uses freehand drawing, as well as tutorials and articles about the design process. If you would like to share something you can do so by contacting me or via twitter @freehandfuture.

What to submit

I’m really open to reader ideas. However, there are some general guidelines regarding subject matter. Please read below and save us all some time.

  • Illustrations: Any illustration, digital or traditional, may be submitted under the condition that hand drawing was used somewhere in it’s creation. This is very open to interpretation as there are lots of opportunities to incorporate freehand drawing into the design process. Basically, if it started on a computer, then it’s out. The inclusion of a download for readers is not required, but greatly appreciated.
  • Guest Articles & Tutorials: Articles should relate to the design process; subjects do not have to be exclusive to freehand drawing. Tutorials however, MUST use hand drawing in some part of the process.
  • Resources: Hand-drawn Textures, vectors and icons require a file for readers to download under a Creative Commons License. The licensing of the download is at the creator’s discretion and will be included with the download.